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The Kentucky Electrical Contractors License Test Information

( The same test is used for HVAC contractors)

This test is one of the requirements for becoming a Licensed Electrical or HVAC contractor in the State of  Kentucky. The following subjects are included. License requirements, bidding, contracts, project management, insurance, safety, labor law, finance, tax laws, and lien laws. omega replica sale The book "Kentucky Contractors Business and Law Reference Manual" is used as a reference book. The test is open book, multiple choice.  There are thirty questions and the time limit is ninety minutes. The test used is EXAM ID #: 231 EXAM: BUSINESS AND LAW. It is by ICC and administered by Laser grade. Check the favorite links page on this site for a link to ICC for official information on signing up for this test.

My personnel experience with this test:     I took the test in late January 2007

Signing up was easy. Call Laser grade ( follow the ICC link ) tell them what test you want to apply for they will give you the locations in your area. replica watches sale I chose Jefferson Community College in Louisville. In Louisville you can also choose U of L or the State Fire Marshals office in Frankfort. 

I parked in the visitor parking lot and choose to ignore the 30 minute parking time limit. The sign in process required a picture ID (drivers license) which they keep until you complete and sign out. After a quick page through of my reference book, I was offered a pencil and paper to use during the test. Of course they want it back when you are done. I didn't need it.

The test is taken on a computer. It starts with a tutorial on how the computerized test works.  It steps you through sample questions that help you take the test. rolex replica uk Timing doesn't start until you start the actual test. Basically you get a question and multiple choice answers. Click the circle next to your answer choice. If you change your mind simply click a different choice. At the bottom of the screen you have previous and next buttons to page through the test. There is a button that allows you to check mark questions that you want to look at again. You also get a button that shows a list of questions that have been answered and which ones you have checked. The screen also displays the time of day and a running timer showing the time you have used. You can return to any question at any time. There is even a button that pops up a calculator if you need it. When you are finished, click the quit button. There is a short questionnaire about the testing experience.  Let the proctor know you are finished and he clicks a few buttons on his computer and you have a print out of your results within a minute or two. Your grade is Pass or Fail. No numeric grade is given.

My general impression of the testing process was quite positive. The proctor was friendly and relaxed. No added stress. The computer test program and the facility were comfortable enough. Again no added stress.

My intentions for posting this page is to help any one wanting to take this test reduce undue stress. The more you know about the process, is that much less to worry about. I suspect that most of us taking this test have been out of any formal school for quite some time. Of course the best way to reduce stress is to be well prepared. If you eliminate nervousness and stress then Preparation Equals Performance. It is an open book test, the answers are in the book that is in front of you.

My recommendations for passing this test.

Preparation Equals Performance. Read through the book a few times. Highlighting is allowed. Highlight things that you think are essential to know to start a contracting business.

Tab your book. This is essential. It will be time well spent. Nothing fancy is required. Get some stick on tabs and hand write each chapter name on them. When you read a question you can tab directly to that chapter and narrow your look up to a reasonable area. This will be a great time saver.

Read questions carefully If you know the answer click it and move on. This buys more time to look up some of the more difficult ones.

Answer every question as you go. Don't skip any. If you are not sure, try to eliminate any wrong answer and take your best guess. Check mark it so you can return to it at the end. Don't spend too much time on any one question. You have an average of three minutes per question and they each count the same.

Test taking tips. Be prepared, well rested, have a light breakfast if your test is in the AM. Arrive early, don't be rushed. Relax,  be confident.

Good Luck !!

By the way. I passed. Hooray!!!

If you take this test and want to share your experience, email me and I will post.

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